Terms & Conditions

Queensland School Photography Pty Ltd products and prices can vary without notice. If you are not sure at the time of ordering please contact us to confirm details. Some schools may also request variances to the advertised product and therefore confirmation of the package content can be confirmed by contacting us directly.

In all cases payment must be received before the product is ordered and dispatched.

 Payment methods accepted by Queensland School Photography Pty Ltd vary from school to school and is decided in consultation with each school. Varying methods can range from cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard. 

Online ordering is available by visiting our website www.qldschoolphotography.com.au 

We do not accept American Express, Diners Card or any other corporate cards. 

Cheques and Credit Cards that do not clear or have funds that are not made available may incur an administration charge.

 Queensland School Photography Pty Ltd will aim at all times to produce a pleasing school portrait, which reflects an accurate point in time of that child’s life. 

Queensland School Photography Pty Ltd does not endorse use of blemish removal and retouching on permanent blemishes of a child such as permanent scars or permanent acne without the parent/guardians written permission. 

Queensland School Photography Pty Ltd is committed to excellence in customer service. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your child’s photos, Queensland School Photography will provide a full refund. As we package the completed portraits, we identify any portraits that are not to our usual standard and those customers receive a letter of apology and refund cheque or alternatively a reshoot.

 If any customers have any further queries regarding their order, they can call our customer service on 07 3216 6777 for assistance.

 If your order has been placed in bulk with the entire school and was received on the day of photography, we will endeavour to deliver the finished product within 4 to 6 working weeks unless other arrangements have been made with the school. 

Reasons for not meeting the delivery schedule can vary depending on a variety of reasons therefore we suggest that you contact us directly to enquire why the delivery schedule was not met. 

Queensland School Photography Pty Ltd will accept late orders for individual and group photographs, a late fee to cover postage and handling will apply. Copyright of all images produced by Queensland School Photography Pty Ltd remain the property of Queensland School Photography Pty Ltd.